Building Pride …. One Wall at a Time

August 2012 — The Friends of Greiner worked with the City of Dallas Graffiti Outreach Program on a graffiti wall mural at Greiner Arts Academy and Middle School in Oak Cliff.  Greiner students were greeted by this 15’ by 84’ graffiti wall as they return to school on August 27.

Research indicates that when both staff and students take pride in themselves and their learning community, it improves the success of the school as a whole. This pride gives each student a feeling of connectedness and belonging to their school, community and their peers.

The graffiti mural, on a 15’ x 84’ wall above the entrance to the school’s performance auditorium, is being custom- designed for Greiner.  The center focal point is an image of Stevie Ray Vaughan for whom the auditorium is named, and the rest of the mural has images representing the different arts education offered at the school.Stevie Ray Vaughan Performance Hall Graffiti Mural

“We believe that using graffiti for the mural will appeal to the creative mindset of the middle school students and evoke a sense of pride and belonging in the school,” says Rebecca Ordinario, Friends of Greiner co-founder.  “I’m excited at seeing the look on the students’ faces when they enter school and see the mural – that’s a huge wall and it has been dark blue for many years!”

The City of Dallas Graffiti Outreach Program is focused on finding innovative ways to reduce illegal graffiti.  The city is reaching out to street artists and taggers to encourage positive behavior by providing them with authorized public space for their artistic expression.  These artists also help the community view graffiti in a different way — as a legitimate art form. 

The artists responsible for designing and creating this mural include

  • Jesse “Kema” Alarcon
  • Sean “A Void” Bone
  • Kirk “Noir” Garnett
  • Eder “Eder” Martinez
  • Daniel “Tony Slowmo” Skelton

Thanks to DeMond “X” Sims for taking pictures and videos throughout the process.  Thanks also to Ms Stephanie Taylor, Greiner’s principal and the Greiner custodial staff.

The PaintyardA special thank you goes to Scott Louie of The Paintyard in San Antonio for the great discount he gave us for the 250 cans of spray paint needed for this project.  If you need paint for your graffiti art project, this is the place to go –